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Elite Feet foot health care practice is based in Blackburn and covers Blackburn with Darwen and surrounding area.

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Elite Feet provides a comprehensive range of Foot Care and Foot Health treatments and advice for the whole family.  Whether it be in our practice on King Street, Blackburn or in the comfort of your own home we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional service to you.

Here at Elite Feet we assess, diagnose and treat conditions relating to the foot.


Many conditions that we treat can be seen on the surface of the foot, such as fungal toenails, verruca and in-growing toenails.

Others conditions that may cause discomfort, such as Morton’s Neuroma and flat feet, can be diagnosed via a Biomechanical assessment here at Elite Feet.


Alongside our routine care of the feet, which involves removal of corns, callus and reduction of nails both in thickness and length, we also provide specialist foot care and advice for people with diabetes and arthritis.


Please visit our Treatments page for a comprehensive list of treatments available at Elite Feet.

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